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IntelliComplete is an intelligent software which auto-completes words / phrases and auto-expands abbreviations /
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10 November 2010

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Anybody in documenting profession feels the need of a good typing speed to have an excellent productivity and to accurately record all details onto the document. A very common example can be dictation notes sent for typing or simply medical transcribing for varied purposes that require a high typing speed with minimal errors and high productivity. Typing official letters and taking notes are done with the help of shorthand writing method that uses symbols to make dictation a faster affair and to save time in needless repetition and efforts. Further, in professions that involve frequent writing of text that can have errors too. To save time and energy in completing text and writing of documents IntelliComplete 3.5 has been launched that includes the exclusive feature of automatically completing of sentences and words onto the documents.

IntelliComplete opens with a neatly arranged interface with the chief options placed at the bottom wherein automatic keywords are generated based on the writing. The compact main screen shows the writing of the user and is presented with options for inserting the right word in the text typed in. As rightly named, this intelligent software works on a unique parameter as it completes the phrases and words typed in an automated manner and runs on Microsoft Windows. The program significantly enhances the typing speed and irrespective of the software being typed on; it can be an e-mail or a Word document or web browser. It is especially very useful for medical transcription industry as it expands the medical abbreviations automatically and accelerates typing speed.

To conclude, IntelliComplete 3.5 works easily to enhance the writing style and save time by automatically completing the sentences as the program recognizes and identifies the pattern and hence gets a rating of four points for its novel approach.

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IntelliComplete is an intelligent software which auto-completes words / phrases and auto-expands abbreviations / shorthands in any programs running on Microsoft Windows. It significantly increases your typing speed and productivity regardless of the software you are working with, be it Microsoft Word, your email software or your web browser.
IntelliComplete is the best medical transcription software specially designed for medical transcriptionists. It can maximize the speed and productivity of medical transcription by expanding medical abbreviations automatically. It is also the ideal utility for programmers, translators, writers, professional document authors who deal with a lot of frequently used words and phrases.
Version 3.5
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